Building Mosques

There are lots of Muslims in Uganda. All want to pray and learn Quran. Mosques are there but few, old and small.

Little support can improve their conditions. More space for more people, ablution areas can be added, special areas for women and children. In addition, a Quran centre maybe built within the mosque for learning Quran.

We will never forget how people there kneel down when we give them a scarf or rosary for praise, so what do you think they will do when we build mosques for them and how happy they will be?!

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Project Details
# Title Location Coords / Map Progress Media
5 Sobhi Youssef Bayuomi Kapchora Village
100 %
4 AlSayeda Hanem Kamudoke village, Namatumba District
100 %
3 Ebad Al Rahman Mosque Nampirika village - Iganga District
100 %
2 Omar Bin Khatab Yumbi
100 %
1 Mona Ezzat Wairaka
100 %
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